Customs Trade Compliance Needs to Begin at the Executive Level

In recent years, huge fines and penalties imposed by Mexican authorities have jeopardized the continuity of the maquiladora company. This has led to an increase in the importance of customs compliance, however little has been said about how vital it is for top driven processes to take place.

What I mean by this is that without the support of Executives and top management, the effectiveness of the customs compliance department is at great risk, no matter how well trained and qualified its members are, or how good their intentions.

Creating a culture of customs compliance starts at the top, with the CEO, CFO, and their counterparts in the maquiladora industry.

Customs compliance and risks of regulatory violations are element which everyone in the organization must embrace, live and understand.

Every function of an organization – Logistics, Engineering, Purchasing, Sales, etc. – should work together to support this department. However, as many internal departments don’t comprehend the implications of their activities in relation to customs rules, they unknowingly create many of current customs issues that are faced.

The customs compliance department must emphasize the risk factor throughout the organization, and the CEO must dedicate time on their agenda for customs compliance matters.

We all know it is not an easy task for Executives and top management to be involved in functions that are not their usual practice within the organization. Often, involving someone outside the organization, preferably a Trade Consulting firm, makes it easier to begin with this activity.

Facilitating the complexities of this process and connecting with executives at their level is how CIC has seen reduced risk and better management of customs compliance from the top down.

CIC is an experienced consultant group that works through the process of talking with executives and top management in a way that they can understand the importance and implications of carrying out certain customs compliance projects to provide security and certainty in their daily operations.

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