The value of an external perspective for your import-export department

At some point in their professional career, Import-Export, Supply Chain, and Finance managers face the decision of whether to hire consulting or audit services for their Import-Export operations. Decisions are commonly taken based upon responses to specific questions, like:

  • What have been our fines to date due to non-compliance?
  • Can we address current non-compliance notifications received from customs authorities internally?
  • What is the financial investment required to bring in this type of service?
  • Why bringing in someone from outside if the company already has an Import-Export Department?
  • How will I know the level of knowledge and expertise that the Import-Export staff has?

Even though the above factors are valid concerns, none of them show the fundamental reasons as to why securing an external perspective is a key strategic move.

Let’s face it, a critical factor to consider when embarking on a project is whether existing resources have the time to take a new project and still maintain their regular assigned duties.

Consulting firms can bring different perspectives because of their cross-industry experience. In dealing with a variety of customers and scenarios, consultants are empowered with the knowledge of what really works, what doesn´t, and they can complete the project in a fraction of the time it would take a company to do it internally.

There is also objectivity, which helps to elaborate a more professional analysis in its findings, action plans, and recommendations. Even the best Import-Export departments from companies of all sizes, use consulting firms to avoid developing bad habits that organizations can build up over time.

Implementing a preventive approach to customs compliance, not a reactive one. Our firm has seen firsthand that prevention brings greater benefits, savings, and a better path for sustained growth in the medium and long-term.

When a consulting firm makes a risk assessment of the Import-Export department, it provides the customer with valuable insight that would otherwise not be known.

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